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Hr Victor Jones
Current director SIVIS
2013 - heden
Van Genderen
Hr T. van Genderen
Founder SIVIS
1st director SIVIS
1969 - 1992
Hr Victor Fer
2nd director SIVIS
1992 - 1999
Hr R. Haverkamp
Policy advisor SIVIS
3th director SIVIS
1999 - 2013

Curriculum Vitae

Thomas Orindell van Genderen was born on March 30, 1927 in the Marowijne district, Suriname.

After he left Primary School, he continued his education in Paramaribo at the Advanced Primary School (The Van Sypenstein School) and after that at the Secondary School (The Graaf von Zinzendorf School).

After his education he first took up his post at the Suriname Bauxite Company, now Suralco, as Assistant Draughtsman at the Engineering Department, as he had taken his Constructional Drawing Diploma at the'Elka' Institution (evening class) during his secondary schooling period.

He worked for about 8 months with the Suriname Bauxite Company. After that he took up his post at the Suriname Government as Assistant Wood-Inspector with the Governmental Forest Administration Division.

At the above-mentioned Division he was in charge of the Expedition Department and further he was appointed second class Wood-Administrator, after that first class Wood-Administrator.

In this function he worked till his departure for Holland in the second half of the year 1955. At first on foreign leave and after that on leave without costs to the State for study purpose.

Before his entry to the Municipal University of Amsterdam (as he had to go in for his entrance examination), he took a course of diplomacy in West-Germany (at the European College in Hamburg/Otmarchen) that was especially designed for students from Africa.

When he returned to Amsterdam, he started his study in Constitutional Law at the Municipal University - Free Study Direction - at first with the late professor Dr. George van de Berg (professor of Constitutional Law at the Municipal University of Amsterdam) and completed this with Professor J. van der Hoeven, with the essay: 'The Elections System that Suriname has been using up to now'.

With a scholarship from the Israelian Government he has studied Economic and Social Development at the Bar-Elan University at Tel-Aviv, Israel. (Essay: 'The Place of Trade Unions in the Developing Countries').

This study is one that is especially directed to and based on the economic and social problems of the developing countries.

After that he made a social study in the Kibbutzim in Israel ( Essay: 'Kibbutz: A New Way of Life').

At the Afro-Asian Institute for Labour Studies and Co-operation he received a normal trade union education, but after that he specialized in Labour Relations.

He also completed the entire course about the problems of the Developing Countries in Holland, under the auspices of the academies and universities in Holland.

After that he was invited by Israel to work as a teacher at the Afro-Asian Institute. He also worked for about 5 years in developing countries as an advisor on Labour Economics, Co-operation, Management and Social & Economic Development.

By intermediary of the Dutch Trade Union Movement he returned to Suriname in 1968 to execute an order that was given to the Dutch Union Movement, namely, to set up a Labour College in Suriname of which he is the director up to now.

At his return to Suriname he has re-established his employment at the Government and he is an official up to now, however, lend out to S.I.V.I.S. to hold the function of Director.

Since 1974 he is an active co-worker in the field of Workers' Education in the Caribbean region.


Suriname : economic approach is old-fashioned and ridiculous.1970
Short introduction to Labour economy.1972
Problems concerning employment in Suriname1972
Cause and benefit of small cooperative industries1972
Marginal notes regarding the economic development and spreading of Suriname1974
Concept regarding an Institute for Middle Management Training1975
The relation trade union movement to political parties1976
Which development strategy does the Surinamese trade union movement have?1977
Agriculture has to be the basis on which our economy has to lean on1977
The role and development strategy of the trade union movement in a developing country1978
The Political, Economical and Social role of trade unions in developing countries1984
What is meant by privatization and the economic reason of it?1988
Political democracy in economic development1988
Problems concerning the developing countries1988
History with regard to the establishment of the Suriname Labour College1988
Priest Weidman says - 'Workers unite!'1988
The origin and development of trade unions in Suriname1989

The kibbutz: a new way of life

A lecture about the electoral system that Suriname has been using up to now

Self-relience and independence of developing country

A few marginal notes regarding workers' participation

The role of the trade union movement in the changing society Trade union and politics

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